Cardano Evolution is a community-driven project, reflecting not only the Cardano ($ADA) token, but also the ethics and charitable status of our ‘parent’ coin. The Dev team have worked tirelessly to build a community of investors focused on the long-term future of the project, enjoying passive income from their hold, whilst being involved in development of our web presence, advertising strategies, merchandising store, future website-based NFT marketplace and further functionality & use of the imminent Cardano blockchain release.
Cardano Evolution is a frictionless yield and liquidity generation smart contract which rewards holders with reflections in Cardano ($ADA) reflections. The transaction taxation funds those reflections, as well as adding liquidity and marketing budgets. The token has investor protection built into the contract, with wallet hold and transaction limits, as well as an anti-bot function embedded into its code. The contract also uses a manually-activated burn function in order to provide deflation as and when appropriate.
The Cardano Evolution project has already been running since May 2021 and, with the support of the community, the team have committed to seeing it progress through regular review, upgrade and improvement into the future.
Community – Cardano Reflection – Strength – Together.
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There were many tokens out there that gave back, but only in terms of token reflection. Not a single project had tried to create a tight and solid community who really feel as if they were working with the dev team. Our dev team consulted with the community to design a token which fulfilled their needs the BabyCardano (bADA) coin. We committed to retain ownership, with locking protocols to protect the liquidity, in order that we can protect the token from bots, whales and ‘Pump&Dump’ investors. We have successfully created a community around BabyCardano (bADA) and are very proud of our achievements thus far.
The next step in the project is to upgrade the contract, again founded on the principles of community and transparency, that delivers reflections in the ‘parent’ coin, in our case Cardano (ADA), that is resistant to bots, ‘whale’ creation and ‘Pump&Dump’ during upgrade.
Following days of design and testing, with support from other developers in the crypto world, we are confident that we have designed a contract that will deliver reflection in ADA, protect the upgrade from bots and whales and deliver a stability of investment for those who buy in, whether at upgrade, after 30 minutes or after 30 days, using managed holding and transaction limits that will increase according to the number of holders. The upgraded contract continues to give back to its investors, continues to involve the community and now reflects in Cardano (ADA).
Cardano (ADA) reflections are achieved by using a small percentage of each buy/sell transaction to fund the ADA reflections, as well as utilising the successful Buyback function used in the original bADA.
The sales tax for CardanoEVO will be 2% higher than the buy tax, in order to increase the power of the buyback function and deliver higher liquidity into the marketing budget.
The upgraded contract will continue to maintain and increase the community aspect of the project, members will have to retain a hold of CardanoEVO coins in order to vote in the critical decisions of the project.
Graduated transaction limits and wallet sizes (initial whale prevention)
Whilst ‘whales’ are a reality (and a necessity) in crypto investment, we are keen to allow small investors the chance to build their own portfolio without fear of ‘early dumping causing price volatility. In order to protect the upgrade launch from ‘Whales’ Bots and ‘Pump&Dump’ speculators, the team will be managing the maximum hold and maximum transaction limits. Having analysed the behavior of investors in a range of crypto currencies, the dev team has recommended and implemented the following measures to maintain the stability of the contract:
  • For the first days after trading in CardanoEVO begins, there will be a transaction limit of 0.15% of the circulating supply.
  • CardanoEVO wallets will be limited to holding a maximum of 0.9% of the circulating supply.
Token Protocol / Tokenomics
Initial Token allocations:
‌Total initial coin creation: 45b -
‌Allocation to Pancakeswap: (66.4%) – 29,880,000,000
‌Allocation to Marketing: (0.6%) – 230,000,000
‌Allocation to dApp for existing cEVO holders: (17%) – 12,150,000,000
‌Allocation to Main Team Dev wallets (2% x 3) – 2,700,000,000
Allocation to future burn wallet (10%) – 4,500,000,000
‌Cardano Evolution is a frictionless yield and liquidity generation smart contract which applies a 15% fee to each buy transaction; and 17% to each sell or wallet transfer.
This transaction fee is split into three portions which serve separate functions:
Buy Transactions:
  • 7% of the total transaction value is redistributed, in Cardano (ADA), to wallets holding CardanoEvolution tokens. The number of ADA tokens that each wallet receives is directly proportional to the percentage of the total CardanoEvolution balance that is held in that wallet. This means that holders do not need to do anything other than hold CardanoEvolution tokens in their wallets to receive ADA token rewards.
  • 3% of the total transaction value is added to the Pancake Swap liquidity pool, in BnB and cEvo tokens. The liquidity added to the Pool promotes price stability, increasing the overall liquidity of the token supply and acting as a price floor.
  • 5% of the total transaction value is reserved to provide funding for auditing, marketing, exchange listings and legitimate development team expenses.
Sell transactions
‌These are the same functions as for the buy, but the percentages are slightly increased for reflections and the marketing wallet:
  • 8% Cardano reflections.
  • 3% Liquidity Pool.
  • 6% Marketing.
‌The team has not renounced ownership of this contract as this is an ‘active-management’ coin. It allows the team to manage the coin effectively, and apply amendments to certain functions when mandated by the community.
‌In order to fund the employment of “top-tier” marketing resources to promote the project the project team will source funds from the Marketing Wallet.
Once deposited into the Marketing Wallet, these CardanoEvolution tokens are converted by the contract to provide capital; which will be used by the marketing team to invest in the projects’ future. In order to reduce any price impact that the sale of these tokens from the Marketing Wallet might have, only very small volumes of tokens will be sold at any one time so as to maintain less than a 1% price impact at all times.
Promotional Events
‌As the project grows, we will continue to hold promotional events in the community, to reward investors and social media promoters of CardanoEvolution coin.
We will continue to hold, dependent on the MCAP level, a live promotional event to randomly select a number of wallet holders to receive tangible rewards.
Registration for each event will open 24 hours beforehand and require holders to provide their wallet address, proof of positive social media activity (Reddit posts Tweets / Retweets / etc) and contact details to the DEV team for verification (Data will not be held once the reward has been delivered).
Rewards and Publicity will be placed on the website after each event.
Charitable Donation Events.
‌We will continue to make periodical charitable donations to the Cardano Foundation from the Marketing wallet. Up to 5% of the marketing balance will be used for this purpose.
Donations will be published on the website after each event as well as the receipt of the donation as proof.
Top investors
We have created a VIP service for our top investors. Those who hold, and continue to hold, a significant amount of cEvo tokens, are vetted, verified and invited to join, Benefits of membership include:
  • Enhanced contact with the Leadership team.
  • Early consultation on Project Development.
  • Exclusive access to VIP merchandise.
  • VIP community and competitions.
Leadership Team
‌We have a strong and experienced leadership team, supported by experienced moderators who will be recruited either from the existing bADA community mod team, or by doxed interview with the devs.
Usema – Based in Italy – Project Lead and Contract Design. (Italian / English speaker)
Andrea – Based in Italy – Website Design (Italian / English speaker)
Steve – Based in UK – Community Manager (English speaker)
Moderator Team (MODS)
All Mods will be CardanoEVO holders and are voluntary.
Main discussion Board – 8 Moderators
International discussion boards (x10) – 2 Moderators each = 20 Moderators total.
The roadmap is available on the website at www.cardanoevo.com
Thank you to our Community
Again, we wish to thank our community for their endless energy, creativity and for the support that they offer not only to ourselves but to each other. We wish to promote individual and collective efficacy and community empowerment. While we continue to build our project, substantial effort continues to be put into the promotion of transparency within our community. Having transparency allows us to inspect and adapt to the changing market when required and allows you the investor, the peace of mind that you deserve.
Thank you, we hope you enjoy all the great things that this project continues to offer.
Q: How do I exchange my old cEVO tokens for the new cEVO tokens?
A: All you need to do is connect your wallet (that holds your old cEVO tokens) to the dApp on our website cardanoevo.com and swap your old cEVO for new cEVO.
Q: Will I get the same number of cEVO tokens as I held before?
A: Yes!
Q: Will trading in cEVO be suspended whilst the upgrade takes place?
A: Yes. By reducing the transaction limit to zero during the upgrade, cEVO trading will be suspended. Once everyone has had the opportunity to exchange their tokens (48 hours before relaunch) trading in the upgraded contract will begin.
Q: What about the liquidity? What happens to that?
A: The initial liquidity of 20BnB for the upgraded cEVO contract will be provided by the DEV team.
Q: How are you going to deal with ‘whales’ of cEVO?
A: The top holders of cEVO will be invited to join us in our ‘Top Holders Club’ which will identify our top holders (probably the top 100 holders on the bsc scan list to start with, but not yet finalised), invite them into an exclusive Tg group and provide enhanced access to devs / exclusive merchandise / first stage consultation in future project development. (you wouldn't get booted out of the 'club' if your place on the list drops if others 'buy in' above you.
Q: Will we still be making donations to the Cardano Foundations?
A: Yes. Periodic donations will continue to be made, developing the association with the ‘parent’ coin as we go.
Q: Is the DEV team the same?
A: Yes. Usema, Andrew and Steve will still be available most of the day in Voice Chat to answer questions.
Q: Will the MOD team be the same?
A: Yes. We are inviting the existing trusted mod team to join us on the next stage of this exciting journey.
Q: Why upgrade, rather the coin?
A: As with many other crypto coins, there is only so much ‘tweaking’ that can be done within a given contract. Eventually, a new upgraded contract needs to be issued and the changeover managed.
Q: Have you tested the upgraded contract?
A: Yes, the new contract has been extensively tested on the ‘testnet’.
Q: What about the Telegram Boards? What will happen to them?
A: We have set up new Telegram Boards under the upgraded token name ‘Cardano Evolution’ and have already migrated.
Q: Where can I find out more about the upgraded contract?
A: The website – Cardanoevo.com is already up and running. The upgraded whitepaper and roadmap are being published there also.
Q: Will I need to claim my ADA reflections?
A: No. CardanoEvolution holders do not need to do anything other than hold CardanoEvolution tokens in their wallets to receive ADA token rewards every 60 minutes.
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